Before and After: Ron Polizzi's 1946 Ford Pickup

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Ron bought this truck a few years ago from a fellow V-8er. It was fairly solid, but... It obviously needed a complete restoration It needed repairs to the floor... Swiss cheese! That's better Under the fenders... Check The bumpers were in terrible shape. Could they be saved?
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Check! The Tailgate needed work Fenders needed patches fabricated Check The running boards should have been replaced, but Ron wanted to give retoration a shot It was a long process.. Requiring lots of clamps and patches... But Ron and Dick proved it CAN be done!
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It's coming along The bed needed some work New wood for the bed floor As good as new...maybe better Many grille parts to this truck They go over this frame Ron having a great time working on his '46 (well, most of the time) The famous "Jail bar" grille
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Rear Fenders are ready Fronts, ditto Fortunately, the engine only needed cosmetic work. It ran quite well Getting ready for the "body drop" Getting close now After 7 months, she's done! Ron is all smiles in this beauty On the way to a car show!

Ron restored his truck at Dick Canioto's RCR Restorations shop in Brockport, NY.